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The REAL reason for the season.

It is nice to be reminded why this time of year is so special. There is a reason many religions and cultures have holidays during this time (Christmas is only one of many).

The Winter Solstice is the real reason for this season. The darkest, longest, maybe coldest night of the year. The sun appears to ‘stand still’. All of Mother Nature is slowing down. Retreating. Darkness falls early. Tree sap has sunk down into the ground. Animals borough deep into nests and hibernate. The air is still and cold. A late night half moon reflects off sparkling snow.   Stillness.    Soundless.  This is time of the Deep Sleep.  Nature as pure yin.  Of all the numerous days during the year, this time – this WEEK – is the time of the greatest natural healing spiral downward, inward. The time of the most natural quiet is Now.

Isn’t it curious that for many people, during this time-of-year, their life is filled with just the opposite? Driven by lots of outer yang activity: hustle, bustle, celebration, travel and the speeding up of activity.  Sure it’s fun, but it is contrary to the Natural flow.

The good news is that it’s not too late to Take a slow deep breath … then look outside.   You can go further and and tune in with Mother Nature (the cure and cause of all things). Consider riding this wave of Silence as it spirals inward. You can take advantage of this natural cycle by creating space-time to refresh, rejuvenate and repair. Take as much time as you need. An hour away from the madness is good but creating your own Day Off Retreat will produce big healing results and lasting changes for the better.

How about a electronic sabbatical (no electronics that whole day)?  Maybe some short walks, soft music, reading inspirational material. By all means go deeper with yoga, breath exercise and meditation. It’s a day (days, week) off to relax, rest and thus refresh for the coming New Year.

Mother Earth is doing it right now. She asks each of us, each year to join Her. Don’t be too busy to Listen.

Five Pathways of Elimination

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Excito-toxins: what? why?

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Superior Medicine

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WHY is processed MEAT bad for you?

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Is Wheat Good For You?

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